wilderness without Sunday

intro (read aloud before the discussion)

Part of what has made this season so difficult is that we have been without Sunday morning. We love Sunday gatherings, and they are wonderful. What is God doing in the wilderness without Sunday?

SERMON DISCUSSION (Use as a guide for dialogue, let God lead, and read the verses aloud)

1. What do you miss most about Sunday morning gatherings?

2. Read Matthew 7:24. The phrase “house built on the rock” was a description of the temple in Jerusalem. Jesus says YOU are the house built on the rock! What do you think Jesus is saying?

3. As wonderful as Sunday is, have we asked it to be more than it was intended to be? Have we taken a good thing (Sunday) and tried to make it everything?

4. Read Matthew 7:25-27. Storms will come. In this season, what has the storm looked like for you? How have you felt like you might crash?

5. Read Matthew 7:28-29. Jesus is still teaching his disciples. In the midst of this season, what is Jesus teaching you? What would it look like to put that teaching into practice?

MINISTRY TIME (Invite the Spirit of God to come – “Come Holy Spirit”)

Share how this season has been a storm, and ask for God’s comfort and hope.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION (This is a weekly practice as we seek to become more like Jesus)

There is a spiritual practice that involves hiding (or holding) God’s word in our hearts. The truth is that YOU are the house of the living God. Hide or hold that truth in your heart this week. See what a difference that truth bearing out in your life can make – moment by moment, each and every day, and in every relationship.

daily reading (Tune into the daily “Together On Mission” podcast here and let’s start every day with Jesus)

Matthew 6 | Psalm 136

Matthew 5 | Psalm 137

2 Samuel 7 | Psalm 138

John 20 | Psalm 139

Ephesians 2 | Psalm 140

Catch up on daily reading or chose a passage, any passage

Tune in for Week 3 – “The Wilderness of Submission”