What is the community like
We are blessed to have a diverse community here at Inland! Our hope is that anyone who steps onto our campus would feel welcomed and at home. We value authenticity, so we live transparent lives of humility as much as we can in our community. We have a lot of fun too! We serve our city together every month and we are seeing God move and call more and more people to Himself! It’s an exciting time!
What is worship like
We want our worship experience to be (above all) honoring and glorifying to the triune God. We are authentic, vulnerable, and celebratory as we attempt to bring God our worship offering each week. We love coming together as God’s people to be in His presence and lift His name.
What is parking like
God has blessed us with a great campus, so parking isn’t too much of an issue.
What about my kids
We are excited about all that we are able to offer to bless the next generation here at Inland. Our Vineyard Kids ministry serves children from birth through sixth grade. If you need assistance look for one of our Vineyard Kids welcome team members who will help you with your first time through the check-in process.
We are a multi-generational church, so our Revival Youth group (grades 7-12) meets with everyone in the main sanctuary for worship. After worship, our Revival Middle school students (grades 7 and 8) exit the sanctuary to attend their own meeting.
How do I get involved
We would love for you to get connected and involved! The best way to do that is to fill out our connect card online.
You can also fill out a connect card during service and drop it off in the baskets that get passed around during our tithe and offerings time, or stop at “The Connect” in the foyer after service for a free gift and an informal time to connect with leadership.