under fire

week 5


Share about a time when you were hit with something–blindsided and not expecting something, and then all of a sudden… impact!


The enemy will take every opportunity to hurt our relationships. Paul talks about the shield of faith as a defense against the enemy. This week we are talking about faith and about our identity (who we truly are). As we focus in on our identity in Jesus, we will be awakened to make the most of every relational opportunity, even though evil will sometimes surround us.


Book of Ephesians

sermon discussion

Read 6:16. When did you realize that there is a battle going on in the universe and that you and your relationships are caught up in that battle?

Read 6:16 again. This is incredibly vivid and striking language describing the enemy’s strategy against us and our relationships. Talk about this language. Talk about what the “flaming arrows of the evil one” might look like.

What flaming arrow is being shot at you right now in a particular relationship in your

Read 2:4-6, 8. Faith is trusting that something is true no matter what we might feel or what the circumstances might be. Look at verses 4-6 again, and talk about what we must (in faith) believe to be true about ourselves because of what Jesus has done. Why would having faith about what is true about you help extinguish the flaming darts of the enemy in your relationships? How is faith a shield?

Read 5:14. This idea of “waking up” is big for Paul. We must wake up to the reality of the battle. But, more than that, we must wake up to “who we are” so that the enemy’s darts and lies will bounce o the shield of faith. What are you battling right now? And, more importantly, what is the truth about you in Jesus?

Read 5:16. “Making the most of every opportunity.” The enemy tries to use every opportunity to hurt our relationships, and he can be quite effective. Paul turns it around and says that we have the power to make the most of every relational opportunity. What would it look like (specifically and practically) to do that right now in one of your relationships?

ministry time

Share what stood out to you most throughout the dialogue, and ask for prayer concerning it. Remember that it is not by our might or our power but by the Spirit of God that things change.

spiritual formation

There is a powerful phrase in the book of Hebrews: “Fix your eyes on Jesus.” It is so easy to x our eyes on ourselves. This fixation makes us wide open to the enemy’s attack. As we fix our eyes on Jesus and recognize the reality of who we are by faith, we recognize the enemy’s words for what they are: lies. This week, practice focusing on Jesus for your identity as opposed to focusing on what might be welling up in you or reflected back to you by someone or something else. Let God define you.

daily reading

Ephesians 1 Psalm 102

Ephesians 2 Psalm 103

Ephesians 3 Psalm 104

Ephesians 4 Psalm 105

Ephesians 5 Psalm 106

Ephesians 6 Psalm 107