Together On Mission



Share about a time when you needed someone, a time you couldn’t go alone, or
an event or circumstance when you needed someone else.


This week we are looking at the famous passage in which Jesus sent out his
disciples two by two! Jesus indeed sent them Together on Mission. We will be
finishing our series and discussing what God has done this last month as we have
read Matthew and talked about being Together on Mission.


Matthew 10

sermon discussion

Read Matthew 10:1-8. Often when we read scripture, the Spirit will highlight some- thing specifically. What stands out to you in these verses and why do you think it stands out to you? Look for his leading. Read verses 2-4. These are ordinary people. We tend to think that only a few people get the opportunity for intimacy (Together) and adventure (Mission), and often we don’t include ourselves in that few. Talk about whether these things that stir our hearts are for everyone or only a select few. What have you been told? How do you feel? Read verses 1-2. This verse is clear. Jesus has given his followers authority to be dangerous to the enemy’s enterprise and to partner with him in setting people free! What would it look like for you to take this verse, this reality, more serious in this next season?


What do you see missing in the church or “o” in the world that bothers you? What wrong do you feel the desire to right? Which people need help? What breaks your heart? What stirs your heart? Read these questions again and answer one of these questions. These questions help us discover the adventure that God has called us to be involved in. Because we are Together on Mission, what kind of qualities would you be looking for in the people you would like to partner with in this kingdom adventure? What qualities do you think they might be looking for in you? Read verse 7. The kingdom of God is the grand story that Jesus told and invited people in to. It is a big story to live in. As we begin to grasp this, how do you for- see it impacting or changing your marriage, dating relationships, and friendships? How is God specifically calling you to take this Together on Mission phrase more seriously? What is he saying to you? How is he moving? What is the Spirit of God nudging you toward?

ministry time

Share what has impacted you most by this discussion in this last month. Ask for
prayer concerning that thing that God is putting on your heart.


We often think of spiritual formation as something we do alone, but walk- ing together with another person is at the heart of spiritual formation. Although there are wonderful times of silence, solitude, or study, the Christian journey is intended to be done with other people. This week, choose a relationship in your life, and ask the simple question, “What does God want to do in order to deepen intimacy and create adven- ture?” Now the dicult part: share this with the person. You will be surprised at what God can and wants to do in that relationship.


Luke 1 Psalm 19
Luke 2 Psalm 20
Luke 3 Psalm 21
Luke 4 Psalm 22
Luke 5 Psalm 23
Luke 6 Psalm 24