Together On Mission



Brent Curtis said, “There are two deep desires in every human heart – adventure
that requires more from us than we believe we have and intimacy, the desire to
share that adventure with another.” What are your thoughts about this quote?


Jesus came to do a new thing. He came to restore relationships and to set
relationships free. He came to bring what stirs every human heart: intimacy and


Matthew 9:16-17
Matthew 11:28-30
Matthew 12:29

sermon discussion

Talk about God as Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit. God is a friendship. God is a heroic fellowship. God is together on mission. God is intimacy and adventure. Begin the discussion about who God is. Is this how you understood God growing up? How was God explained to you as you began your journey? Share a bit. Now, talk about what God made – Eden, Adam and Eve, romance, friendship, intimacy, adventure, risk, together on mission, exploration and even battle because the serpent was in the garden! Is this how it was explained to you growing up? What about this picture stirs the heart that God has given you?

Read Matthew 12:29. Talk about this parable. It is a parable that Jesus used to explain his ministry. The enemy has people and relationships captive but the enemy has been tied up so people and relationships can be set free. Do you recognize the enemy’s strategy in a close relationship of yours? What is the enemy trying to do? How has the enemy gained ground in that relationship? What would it look like practically to take a step toward freedom in that relationship? What do you think the Spirit of God is seeking to do in that relationship to set it free? Read Matthew 11:28-30. This is an invitation for two people to be together on mission with Jesus. A yoke is not something for one person but more than one. What would it look like practically, in a key relationship in your life, to take the mission of Jesus more seriously as a team? Read Matthew 9:16-17. Jesus did not come to patch up the old or to try to fit his message into old categories. He is doing something completely new. God wants to do something completely new in the closest relationships in your life. Reflect for a minute on what that might be. Don’t limit God, he makes all things new. What does the Holy Spirit want to do in a close relationship in your life?

ministry time

In the context of the relationship closest to you, what do you really need prayer
for? Share it and ask that God would move in that area and in that relationship.


Community is a spiritual practice. We often think of spiritual practices as something that we do alone. There are disciplines of solitude but without community, solitude doesn’t make sense. It is not good for humankind to be alone. This week, ponder the few close relationships in your life. Ask what God is doing in those relation- ships. What does God want to do in order to bring adventure and intimacy into those relationships as God continues to set you free?


Matthew 23 Psalm 13
Matthew 24 Psalm 14
Matthew 25 Psalm 15
Matthew 26 Psalm 16
Matthew 27 Psalm 17
Matthew 28 Psalm 18