Together On Mission



What has been your greatest adventure and who did you share it with?


We were created for a grand adventure because God has wired us that way. He
has also created us for intimacy and friendship. When we really understand the
invitation of the gospel, we discover that we are called to be Together on Mission.


Matthew 4:17-22

sermon discussion

Read verse 17. Wherever he went, Jesus talked about an invitation into the greatest adventure ever embarked upon – the kingdom of the heavens invading the kingdom of darkness. This is an invitation into intimacy, battle, risk and discovering who we truly are as we discover Jesus. Is this how you understand Christianity? Is this how Christianity was explained to you? Share a bit. Talk about the phrase “kingdom of heaven”. This is how Jesus told the story of what is going on in the world. There are two kingdoms in conflict and there is an enemy. The enemy has taken people captive and Jesus has come to set the captives free. The kingdom of heaven has come near. Talk about the story. Can you come up with a fictional story that helps understand the true story of the Gospel? Read verses 18-20. Jesus called these brothers out of their smaller stories and into a larger story. It has been said that human beings are looking for two things: intimacy and adventure. Do you agree? Do you find these two longings in your heart? Talk about this question: Could Christianity be the true fulfillment of the two deepest longings in every human heart? These two brothers said “yes” to following Jesus and, therefore, “yes” to the adventure of the kingdom of God. They chose to be “together on mission”. Who are you “together on mission” with? What would it look like to take the “together” part and the “mission” part of this statement further in your life this next season? “They dropped their nets”. This phrase has always been understood as a letting go of something in order to embrace the larger story and adventure of the kingdom of God. As you think about this phrase, what could it mean in your life specifically? What might you need to let go of in order to truly respond to this summons?

ministry time

What has God spoken to you or brought to your mind in this discussion? Share it
and ask for prayer.


This passage where Jesus called his first disciples is a famous passage in the Bible. When we read it alone or together, the spirit of God moves in ways that we are aware of and even in ways that we are not. The practice of reading scripture alone or in groups has been central to the formation of the people of God. Take five minutes each day this week, read this passage (or another one), sit quietly for a few minutes, reflect on what you read and anticipate God saying or doing something.


Matthew 13-14 Psalm 7
Matthew 15-16 Psalm 8
Matthew 17-18 Psalm 9
Matthew 19-20 Psalm 10
Matthew 21 Psalm 11
Matthew 22 Psalm 12