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If you had to share one thought or feeling about the current situation in our world and nation, what would that thought or feeling be? You only get one!


This week, Travis walked us through Psalm 23—possibly the most famous and powerful prayer ever prayed. This prayer gets us into our emotions, challenges us as the people of God, and points us beyond our situation to a God who is clearly in control.


Read Psalm 23 out loud.

sermon discussion

Read verse 1. Right now, what is it that you feel like you are lacking? Sometimes the quick and easy Christian answer is, “nothing!” There is truth in that response, but sometimes our feelings don’t line up with the truth. What do you feel like you are lacking right now?

Read verses 2-4. Notice how things go from really good to really bad—smooth sailing to rough waters, refreshed times to dark valleys. That shift can be sudden, like a sucker punch. For you, how has smooth sailing turned into rough waters?

Often a dark valley is characterized by a sudden loss: the loss of an experience, health, innocence, a relationship, money, or safety. How are you feeling loss in the midst of all that is swirling around in our world and nation right now?

Read verse 4 again. No fear! Comfort? How is it that the author of this Psalm could speak these words in the midst of a dark valley threatening death? What does the author know that allows him to say such things?

Have you ever been in a really difficult time, but you were with someone who was strong capable and loved you very much? Share that time. In particular, how was that season different because of the person you were with?

Read verse 5. This is an incredible image. A table, celebration, and plenty in the midst of whatever our enemies look like right now. How is God doing this with you in this season? What is God saying in the midst of this season?

Read verse 6. In the New Testament, we have become the “house of the Lord”! God’s Spirit is in us! We get to be the hands and the feet of Jesus. What would it look like for you to look up and look around in order to bring comfort, goodness, and love into the lives of others who may need that right now?

ministry time

Which part of this prayer or Psalm really spoke to you? Share and ask for prayer.

spiritual formation

Christians for the last 2000 years have been praying and meditating on a Psalm every morning as a way to begin the day with connection to the goodness of God. There are Psalms for every occasion. Psalms bring us into our heart, challenge us, and point us to the goodness in the power of God. Choose a Psalm each morning this next week. Read it. Think about it. And then be quiet, and allow God to speak through that particular prayer.

Daily Reading


16 Monday Proverbs 1 | Psalm 60
17 Tuesday Proverbs 2 | Psalm 61
18 Wednesday Proverbs 3 | Psalm 62
19 Thursday Proverbs 4 | Psalm 63
20 Friday Proverbs 5 | Psalm 64
21 Saturday Proverbs 6 | Psalm 65