Together On Mission



Share your favorite story, novel, or movie that has the theme of a group of people
committed to a mission larger than themselves. Why do you love that story?


It’s easy to lose the story and miss the mission that we are on together. When we do,
we get caught up in either the daily grind or a hidden life – sometimes both. Jesus
accomplished something big. He rescues and sets free. He has authority over the
evil one. He enlists willing people to continue what he began. He calls us to be
Together on Mission!


Matthew 28:18-20

sermon discussion

We need a story to live in. A story gives us purpose and meaning. What kind of story did Jesus tell? What did he invite his followers into? Does the story that Jesus told need to be retold or re-heard? Is the church living out of a vibrant story? Are you living out of a compelling story? Read verse 18. Jesus has been given all authority. Authority over what? Authority over whom? Think about the story of Jesus and the enemy, and talk about what it means that all authority has been given to Jesus alone. What does this mean practically? Read verse 19. Jesus commissions his disciples to make disciples of others. What do you think that means? What would it look like to actually do this?

Read verse 20. The idea in this verse is that people would become students of Jesus–apprentices of Jesus–learning to do in daily life all that he taught his disciples to do. When you ponder this idea, what specifically comes to your mind? What aspect of the life of Jesus are you being called to learn, as his student, and to put into practice? Re-read the end of verse 20. Jesus promises that we will never be left alone on this journey. His Spirit will never leave us. He will continue to teach us. What would it look like practically to be aware of the Spirit continuing to teach you?

ministry time

It is the first week of the new year. What do you sense the Spirit of God saying to
you? What is he calling you in to? What is he doing in you? Share and ask for prayer.


Weekly worship in community was possibly the very first Christian practice or discipline. When the early church discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead on Sunday morning, they began to meet for corporate praise and worship. The spiritual practice of weekly worship isn’t about regular attendance but about the kind of formation that can only happen as we submit ourselves to God in regular worship. In your life, is the first day of the week devoted to worshiping the one who sits on the throne?


Acts 10 Psalm 131

1 Cor 12 Psalm 132

1 Cor 13 Psalm 133

1 Cor 14 Psalm 134

Isaiah 6 Psalm 135

Ezekiel 2 Psalm 136