Set free



Unfortunately, this happens all too often to all of us. Share a recent story about
something that you did accidentally or intentionally and afterwords you just felt bad
or awkward.


We continue our series in the Gospel of Luke. We are talking about the power of
Jesus to set us free. Often, we are bound by shame or guilt as a result of things we
have done. The forgiveness of God not only cleanses us from what we have done
but also frees us from the guilt and shame that often accompanies what we have
done. This is the good news of God’s forgiveness!


Try to describe the feeling of shame. Pretend that you are talking to someone who has never heard of the word or concept. How would you describe shame or guilt?

When was the first time you remember feeling guilt or shame? How old were you?

Read Luke 5:4-8. After the miraculous catch of fish, Peter told Jesus to go away from him! Why would Peter say that? What do you think was going on in Peter’s mind, heart, or life that would cause him to say that to Jesus?

Why do you think that shame is one of the enemy’s favorite ways to bind us?

When you feel guilt or shame, what do you do? How do you deal with it?

Read Luke 5:9-10. When Jesus told Peter, “Don’t be afraid,” what do you think Jesus was trying to communicate to Peter? More specifically, if you tried to draw away from Jesus because of feelings of guilt or shame, and he said to you, “Don’t be afraid,” what do you think he would be trying to communicate to you?

Read Luke 7:48-50. Jesus spoke this to a woman who probably struggled with shame. He spoke freedom through forgiveness. Talk about this statement: “Forgive- ness isn’t just cleansing us from our sin, it is also freeing us from the bondage of shame that often comes from the enemy as a result of our sin.” Is that true? Why is cleansing from sin AND from shame so important?

Jesus said to the woman, “Go in peace.” What do you think would change in your life as a result of Jesus setting you free from shame?


Spend a few minutes inviting the power of God, and receive his word of forgive-
ness. Welcome the power of God to defeat shame and guilt.


Gospel truth is often dicult to receive. A great spiritual practice is to meditate on a truth. To meditate is to walk or sit quietly and think upon the truth. Simply because it is true doesn’t mean we are walking in the fullness of it yet. God has spoken his word of forgiveness. Meditate for 5 minutes each day this week on the reality that God, through the death of Jesus, has defeated not only sin and death but shame and guilt as well.


Luke 19 Psalm 36

Luke 20 Psalm 37

Luke 21 Psalm 38

Luke 22 Psalm 39

Luke 23 Psalm 40

Luke 24 Psalm 41