Set free



We are all bound by something: an addiction, a person, a past. We can often feel
powerless and helpless because of that bondage—almost like our rights have
been taken away. Sometimes we can lose hope. This week, as we continue our
study of Luke’s gospel, we will talk about Jesus operating with power and authority
to bring freedom into people’s lives.


that God will bring clarity concerning areas of bondage. Invite his power to begin
to bring freedom.

Sermon Discussion

Share about a time that you felt powerless, helpless, or without a voice—almost like
your rights had been taken away. How did you feel?
There are so many songs, movies, books, and stories about bondage and freedom,
about captivity and release, about rescue. Why is liberation such a prominent
theme in our world?
Read Luke 4:31-37 aloud. Do you believe that Jesus really did cast demons out of
people? Why do you believe he did, or why do you have a dicult time believing
that he did?
Read verses 32 and 36 again. Notice the words: authority, power, and give orders.
What is the dierence between power and authority? What do you think Luke
means when he says that Jesus has both to such an extent that he can command

Read verse 35. Jesus sets this man free. This is what Jesus does. Luke tells stories
about Jesus releasing people from greed and guilt and self-hatred and many other
types of bondage. In what way are you experiencing bondage? How do you
believe God specifically wants to set you free?
Travis talked about a spectrum that charts the enemy’s strategy to bind us. You may
want to draw it. It begins with temptation, proceeds to a foothold, on to a handhold,
eventually to a chokehold, and finally to what Luke calls being possessed. Talk
about the spectrum and the enemy’s strategy to bring bondage.
Read Luke 10:18 aloud. Not only is Jesus operating with power and authority over
the enemy, but he shares that power and authority with us! Share how you are
being called specifically to partner with the power of God for freedom in a certain
area of your life.


Ministry Time

Take time to pray for each other. Share what hit you in the group discussion.
Remember, the power of God is present to bring freedom.


When we talk about spiritual formation, we are really talking about the process of letting Christ be formed in us (Galatians 4:19). Scripture tells us that we were called “to become conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29). As we soften to the hand of God, we give him leeway to begin to work us out of the distorted shape of the world and into the glorious shape we were destined for. That is true freedom! Consider viewing the spiritual disciplines (like prayer, study, confes- sion, fasting, confession, obedience, and the like) not as a way to earn growth or favor with God, but as a means to position yourself before the Potter for re-formation. When we return to our true form, we experience ultimate freedom.


Luke 13 Psalm 30

Luke 14 Psalm 31

Luke 15 Psalm 32

Luke 16 Psalm 33

Luke 17 Psalm 34

Luke 18 Psalm 35