Set free


Intro to the series

All of us are bound by something: be it a thought, a person, a pattern, a sin, or a past. We may be painfully aware of what it is, or we may have tried to forget it and just move on. We often accept the bondage, deny it, cover it, or find it and judge it in other people! Luke, the author of the Gospel of Luke, introduces Jesus as the one who sets humanity free! Jesus came to set the captives free. In this series, we will be studying the Gospel of Luke, recognizing our bondage, and beginning to experience the freedom that only Jesus oers.

Sermon Discussion

Share about a time when you were stuck or bound by something or in something. I bet you can remember it well. It is usually terrifying. What do you remember feeling? Read Luke 4:14-19. What part of this passage stands out to you most, and why do you think that part stood out to you? Read verse 14. “News about Jesus spread.” This is because, wherever he went, he set people free. This wasn’t an idea. It was a reality that people experienced when they were in the presence of Jesus. What is the news about Jesus today? What do you hear or say? Read verse 18. This is Luke’s thesis statement for the life, purpose, and ministry of Jesus. Jesus rescued people from the bondage of the enemy. Can you think of a story in the ministry of Jesus or your own life in which he did just that?

What has you bound? Is it a person, a pattern, a sin, or a past? In what area could the power of God bring freedom in your life?

What might be a first small step in the journey of allowing God to bring full freedom?

Why is it easy to settle for less freedom than is possible?

Read verses 20-21. “Today, this scripture is fulfilled.” I love this verse. It was a call then and is a call now to say, “Yes!” to the freedom that is ours in Christ. As you read this verse aloud, what does the Spirit of God seem to be saying to you about your life, about areas of bondage, and about the power of God?

Ministry Time

Share what stood out to you most during the discussion, and ask for prayer.
Remember from verse 14: “the power of the Spirit.” God is moving.


Spiritual formation is a journey. Most of the time, we must continue to fight for freedom in the power of the Spirit. Sometimes our expecta- tion of immediate freedom can hinder the process that must unfold as we walk with Jesus and discover the sometimes-small steps toward freedom. Remember that the journey of freedom is a process, and God is much more patient with you than you are with yourself.


Luke 7 Psalm 25

Luke 8 Psalm 26

Luke 9 Psalm 27

Luke 10 Psalm 28

Luke 11 Psalm 29

Luke 12 Psalm 30