Compassion interruption

ICE BREAKER (start here)

When was the first time you remember somebody challenging, in a good way, your view of yourself with how they saw you?

intro (read aloud before the discussion)

In the second half of the story of the prodigal son, we see that the son’s view of himself does not line up with the father’s view of the son. Who’s right? Will we exchange our view of us for God’s view of us and enter the party?

SERMON DISCUSSION (Use as a guide for dialogue, let God lead, and read the verses aloud)

Does how you feel about yourself and how God feels about you line up? Do you think there is a small difference or a big difference?

Read Luke 15:11-16. What part of the beginning of this story stands out to you the most and why?

Read Luke 15:17-19. The son’s speech is what he feels about himself and what he tells himself about himself. Travis mentioned on Sunday that the enemy helped write this speech! Share something that the enemy has convinced you of about you that may not be true. Are you aware of a symptom or action in your life as a result of what the enemy has convinced you about yourself?

Read Luke 15:20-23. Notice the father doesn’t let the son finish the speech. Travis called this a “compassion Interruption”. How does God want to interrupt your speech, thought, or view of self? What do you think he might say to you?

Read Luke 15:24. The result of letting the “irresistible father” define our view of us is celebration and joy. In this next season, what would joy and celebration look like in your life as a result of God’s view of you becoming your view of yourself?

MINISTRY TIME (Invite the Spirit of God to come – “Come Holy Spirit”)

God is truth. God speaks truth. The truth of God shatters lies and sets us free from actions and symptoms that result from lies. Invite the truth of God to speak. Welcome his light of truth into the darkness of any lie.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION (This is a weekly practice as we seek to become more like Jesus)

Meditation has been a Christian practice since the early church, but sometimes we hesitate at the concept. Meditation is simply quieting our mind and relaxing as we listen and enjoy God. This week, set aside three minutes each day for meditation. Let God’s truth go deep into the soil of your soul.

daily reading

Luke 1 | Psalm 119:25-48
Luke 2 | Psalm 119:49-72
Luke 3 | Psalm 119:73-96
Luke 4 | Psalm 119:97-120
Luke 5 | Psalm 119:121-144
Luke 6 | Psalm 119:145-168