Fix Your Eyes On Jesus


a way we don’t want

ICE BREAKER (start here)

What is the first thing that you would like to do or who is the first person you would like to see when we exit this COVID-19 season?

intro (read aloud before the discussion)

We are continuing to listen in on Jesus’ conversation with Peter (while they were walking along the beach) concerning resurrection and the desires of our hearts. Jesus makes a very important point about entering into the desires he has placed in us. Let’s continue to listen in.

SERMON DISCUSSION (Use as a guide for dialogue, let God lead, and read the verses aloud)

Name a character in a movie or a novel who stirs you because they were willing to name and proclaim their true desire and go after it.

Read John 21:15-17. Peter failed three times as he pursued his desire. Jesus reminds him of that, not only to forgive him, but to recommission him, even though he failed. Have you ever experienced forgiveness and recommissioning after a failure? How did it feel?

Do you think that failure is the end, or can failure be the beginning, not only of discovering what we truly want, but of becoming the kind of person who can humbly and vulnerably pursue that desire? What do you think?

Read John 21:18 twice. Evidently, there are two stages. When we are younger, we try to get what we want in the way that we want. Then, if we mature, we learn that we actually get what we want by going a way that we do not want. Have you experienced losing (or almost losing) what you want by going about getting it in the way that you want? Share with the group.

The way that we don’t want is the way of the cross, forgiveness, vulnerability, humility, and self-sacrifice. What would it look like practically to choose that way in a certain relationship or pursuit of desire in life, work, or ministry?

MINISTRY TIME (Invite the Spirit of God to come – “Come Holy Spirit”)

Read John 21:19. Jesus says, “Follow Me” by way of the cross. Peter says, “Yes,” again! Peter gives a second yes. For ministry time, give a second yes: a new yes to following Jesus by way of the cross. Ask for his Spirit, heart, and boldness to live out that second yes.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION (This is a weekly practice as we seek to become more like Jesus)

There is always a beautiful but tricky tension in spiritual formation. Jesus wants to give us the desires of our heart AND we only get there by going about it in a way that we don’t always want. We only get to resurrection by way of the cross. This week and throughout the week, pursue what you want: what you really, really want, AND pursue it in a way that you don’t want: a way that is cross-shaped. Practice being spiritually formed as this beautiful and tricky tension is managed by the power of the spirit. Go for it!

daily reading

John 19 | Psalm 102
John 20 | Psalm 103
Mark 1 | Psalm 104
Mark 2 | Psalm 105
Mark 3 | Psalm 106
Mark 4 | Psalm 107