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why christians flourish in difficult times


What is the best thing and the worst thing about our current “stay at home orders” for you personally?


This week, Travis posed a question, “Why has the Church and Christian marriages/friendships/families always seemed to deepen and flourish in times of difficulty?” Travis gave three answers from a very famous meal and conversation that Jesus had with his disciples.


Read John 14:18,20, and 23. When Jesus uses pronouns like “we” and “our”, he is talking about God as a community. We have been invited into that family! We are never alone—never—even if we feel we are.

Is loneliness or isolation heavy right now? Who or what are you missing recently?

How does the truth that we are never alone contribute to the Church or Christian relationships deepening, and even flourishing, in difficult times?

Read John 16:33. Wow!  What a truth!  We know that we will have trouble, and yet we can have peace in the midst of it, because we know the One who has overcome the world!

What does your trouble or difficulty look like right now? Be specific.

Why would the truth in this verse (John 16:33) help ground us and even carry us through whatever trouble or difficulty we are facing in our lives and relationships?

Read John 15:12-13, and 17. Travis made the point that Churches and Christians flourish in difficult times because we always have a mission and a purpose. We are “other people first” people. If you are an “other people first” person, there will always be other people to put first!

In this season, what would it look like for you to put a family member or a very close friend first?

In this season, what would it look like for you to put a neighbor or a stranger first?


Share about what hit you the hardest during the discussion, and ask your group to pray about that. Remember, the Holy Spirit is not bound by technology. He is everywhere and always moving!


Travis has started a daily podcast and begun a series called, “40 Days with Jesus.”  God is rebooting his church and plugging us back into him so that we might discover how truly wonderful, beautiful, and irresistible Jesus is. Each day’s podcast is about 10 minutes, and is intended to launch us into a conversation with Jesus in the morning that will last throughout the day. Let’s be a “firsts” people as we give the first part of our day to Jesus. Go to Apple or Spotify and search “Together on Mission” to follow the “40 Days with Jesus” podcast.

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