Casting crowns



Share about a time when you really could not do something. You gave it your very best eort but when you were unable to do it, you finally asked someone whom you knew could help. Share the story.


We have fallen short. We are not worthy! Although this is not the message that we hear in our modern world, it is true and it is the foundation of true worship. This week we will talk about accepting the reality that we are not worthy, so that the worthy one comes into sharp focus and we can truly worship Him.


Revelation 5:1-14

sermon discussion

How do you feel when you can’t do something, especially if it is in front of people? Try to describe the feeling. Why do we tend to not like this feeling? Read verses 2-4. The opening of the scroll unleashes God’s plan to save humanity and creation. But nobody is worthy! We can’t save ourselves. We can’t do it. We have all fallen short of salvation and there is nothing we can do about it. Talk about our unworthiness and discuss why we don’t often talk about it! Read verses 5-7. Someone is worthy! Someone is able to deal with sin for us and unleash God’s plan to save humanity and creation. Talk about who this is. Talk about why He is introduced as a lion and shows up as a lamb! What stands out to you in these verses and why?

Read verses 8-9. Notice a new song: “You are worthy”. True worship is based on our unworthiness and Jesus’ worthiness. Why must we encounter our unworthiness and our inability to save ourselves in order to truly worship? In our modern church culture, we don’t talk much about our inability or our unworthiness. Therefore, these days worship doesn’t make much sense and instead becomes more about entertainment and generating energy. We begin to judge whether we like it or not! Do you agree? Why or why not? Read verse 12. As you ponder this passage and this chapter, what do you think the church’s steps are (or your steps are) to return to true worship? If you were talking with someone and they knew nothing about Christianity, religion, worship, or God, how would you describe true worship?

ministry time

Share how you think God is wanting to take you deeper with Him, in and through worship, and ask for prayer about it

spiritual formation

How we use our bodies is a central aspect of spiritual formation. We don’t often think about it this way because we have seen our bodies as something other than spiritual. But God created us as mind, emotion, and body. The act of physical worship is an invitation to have our physical bodies cooperate with what God wants to do in our lives. It is spiritually forming to use our bodies in worship. When we lift or open our hands, we are communicating physically that God is worthy and that we want to receive from Him. Physical worship is the foundation of spiritual formation.


Ezekiel 3 Psalm 137

Ezekiel 37 Psalm 138

Psalm 144-145 Psalm 139

Psalm 146-147 Psalm 140

Psalm 148-149 Psalm 141-142

Psalm 150 Psalm 143-144