As difficult as this decision has been, we are not planning on having large gatherings on Sunday yet. We are going to continue to gather in small groups, care for the poor, and continue to be the church for our cities. This is not a political decision but a pastoral decision. We will continue to love each other and love our neighbors by keeping a bit of distance. We believe this is the decision that churches have made throughout history during times of plague and virus, and we believe as we continue to submit and love that God will bring renewal and revival to the church and to our cities. This decision has been so challenging and so difficult for all of us. We miss Sunday so much. We are going to give up what we love for the sake of love in this season. 

While we hope we can meet soon after this season, here are some common questions that new visitors ask! Please reach out if you have any questions that might need answering!

We cannot wait to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the common questions we get from new members within our community!

More than anything, this pandemic season has highlighted the basic need for community. Community now during COVID may require more intentionality and safety measures, but we are not letting those factors stop us from being the church! We connect weekly in groups! In these groups we seek to foster holiness, friendship, vulnerability, transparency, humility and authentic community. We have a lot of fun too! We serve our city together every week at our Manna House food bank and we are really seeing God move and call more and more people to Himself! It’s an exciting time! Come and check it out! 

We want our worship experience to be (above all) honoring and glorifying to God. We are authentic, vulnerable, and celebratory as we bring God our worship offering each week. We are God’s people lifting our voices to bring Him praise! Worship with us each week on our live-stream services. 

We are excited about all that we are able to offer to bless the next generation here at Inland. Our Vineyard Kids ministry serves children from birth through sixth grade. As a parent, each week you will receive a specialized lesson plan to aid you as you watch the Vineyard Kids weekly lesson. We are here for you and your family so please reach out to us with nay questions or concerns.

For our middle school and high school students we have Revival Youth. Revival meets on campus weekly in small groups. Check out more about Revival here.

We would love for you to get connected and involved! The best way to do that is to connect with us online here.

To view more about ways you can get involved and serve, please check out our Ways to serve page to learn more about the opportunities.